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Sparta Tennis Academy is a premier tennis performance program operating at Campbell Park Tennis Club, Mission Bay Tennis Club, St Cuthberts College, and Scarbro Tennis Centre. The Academy now has the strongest coaching team in the country and this along with the environment that Sparta has established is what sets the Academy apart. That environment is all encompassing and gives us a real presence and support for all players at tournaments, in their work off the court, in the mental and physical development all built on precise technique and above all - movement. The environment extends beyond the court to have a family feel. We encourage parents, siblings and supporters to be a part of what we are building. We want a place that the players feel comfortable and welcome. A place where they can develop their skills and push each other, make each other better through lifting their own standards, to use the power of a team to produce elite individuals - but also a place that makes a very lonely sport, not so lonely anymore.

The academy currently has around 70 players ranging from 5 year olds identified as talented athletes starting off with 45 minute lessons in the style we train our academy players, right through to our daily athletes training 3-4 hours per day. Our tier 1 athletes are of the level that can win national titles and the aim of the program is to have at least one Sparta player each year in a national final. Currently Sparta have 3 players in NZ age group squads, The top 5 12U players in NZ, 3 of the top 4 10U in NZ and coach 5 of 9 targeted athletes in NZ.

The academy program takes in players from all over NZ, and recently some from abroad but the main feeder is still the club programs at Campbell Park Tennis and more recently Mission Bay Tennis Club. It is through these club programs that the majority of our players begin and continue their tennis experience. The coaches are equally responsible for both programs and Academy and Club lessons, tournaments and interclub run hand in hand.